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Unsustainable Social Condition “Seductive Distress” Troniks release

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Image of Unsustainable Social Condition “Seductive Distress” Troniks release
  • Image of Unsustainable Social Condition “Seductive Distress” Troniks release

An abrasive deluge of molten asphalt and oppressive electronics, Seductive Distress arrives as Matt Purse’s superlative full-length follow-up to his 2016 shredder Dispersant (Oxen). Unsustainable Social Condition aims into the void for a boundless expanse of sonic dread across a salvo of tracks that devolve with less movement as they advance.
Packaged in a limited edition digipak featuring original artwork by FrozenPanty
A Troniks release
From Vital Weekly 1253
“ Unsustainable Social Condition is Matt Purse, who runs the Oxen label in Los Angeles. His sound is a full-on burl, just a ball of squirming tension that barrels forward and obliterates everything in its path. Purse’s sound is remorseless churning, layers of object-jostling piled onto overheated electric sizzle. “Seductive Distress” is a set of five.. pieces. It’s well recorded and legible despite almost uniform volume and density across nearly 50 minutes. The first two tracks remind me of Ryan Bloomer or Black Leather Jesus, muscular unremitting turbulence like balls of hot lava in a giant clothes dryer. At the midpoint of the album, Purse shows his hand a bit… turns out, it’s got a contact mic in it. He pulls back slightly for some feedback and quick breath, then it’s right back into the fray. Another avalanche of hot dirt roils unabated for the remainder of “Seductive”s runtime. The real beast is the fourth track, the loudest and ugliest of the set, a bit wilder in pacing and intensity than its four brothers. The final track has some surprising bass depth-charges… which highlight the relative dearth of lower frequencies that came before it but are still a nice detail. “